XBRL Solutions That Work For You!
Things To Consider
Liability Costs
Limited Liability -  XBRL filings are subject to limited liability within 24 months of the time the filer first is required to submit interactive data files. The limited liability provision terminates entirely as of October 31, 2014.

This means that lim
ited liability has expired for many of you. 
Your liability exposure due to incorrect or incomplete XBRL data has arrived!

The best qualified company to build your XBRL foundation that will be used for years to come must possess technical skills, and more importantly accounting expertise.
Utilizing a USA domiciled and actively  licensed CPA affords you the long-term comfort of  knowing your critical financial information is being translated into XBRL by a qualified professional.

Other Considerations
Are you being pressured by XBRL providers to sign a long-term deal?
You should have the option of contracting one quarter at a time if you desire.
Are you being pressured by XBRL providers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding pricing and/or services?
You should not have to sign such an agreement unless you are privy to the vendor's source code.
Does an Edgarizing provider who specializes in HTML suddenly become qualified to map your critical financial data to the US GAAP Taxonomies?  Most likely not!

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